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What is the word for attractive buttocks?

/ (ˌkælɪˈpɪdʒɪən) / adjective. having beautifully shaped buttocks.

What is the word for having nice buttocks?

Believe it or not, callipygian means "having a shapely rear end." Callipygian comes from the combination of the two ancient Greek words for "beauty" and "buttocks" and was famously used to name a statue of the Greek Goddess of Love, the so-called Aphrodite Kallipygos, who raises her robe to reveal her backside.

What is Callipygous?

Definitions of callipygous. adjective. pertaining to or having finely developed buttocks. synonyms: callipygian shapely.

What is the term for big buttocks?

Steatopygia is the state of having substantial levels of tissue on the buttocks and thighs.

What is the difference between Callipygous and Callipygian?

Callipygian and callipygous have virtually the same definition and are interchangeable. callipygian, adj. Designating a person who has well-shaped or finely developed buttocks; of or relating to such a person. Also: of or relating to the buttocks.

Is buttocks a swear word?

Your butt is your buttocks, your tush, your rear end. Saying butt is more childish than offensive. Butt is a four-letter word, though using it won’t get you in much trouble — It’s much less offensive than ass.

What is the word for showing your bum?

Mooning is the act of displaying one’s bare buttocks by removing clothing, e.g., by lowering the backside of one’s trousers and underpants, usually bending over, and also potentially exposing the genitals.

Is bum an insult?

If someone refers to another person as a bum, they think that person is worthless or irresponsible. [informal, disapproval] You’re all a bunch of bums.

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What does bum mean in British?

/ (bʌm) / noun. British slang the buttocks or anus.

What is the word for attractive buttocks?

callipygous (ˌkælɪˈpaɪɡəs)

/ (ˌkælɪˈpɪdʒɪən) / adjective. having beautifully shaped buttocks.

What are Buttlocks?

noun. Usually buttocks. (in humans) either of the two fleshy protuberances forming the lower and back part of the trunk. (in animals) the rump.

What does fatty bum mean?

Derived from slang fatty (“a fat person”) + bom bom (“a sound imitative of the noise a fat person makes when walking”). Compare West Indian/Caribbean slang fatty bum-bum ‘a very fat person, esp.

Why do buttocks get bigger?

Bottom Line. The muscles in your buttocks will only increase in size if you lift very heavy weights (for 6 to 12 reps) or if you eat a high-calorie diet. If you’re using lighter weights you don’t usually need to worry about your derriere.

What does Buttok mean?

: the back of a hip that forms one of the fleshy parts on which a person sits. 2. buttocks plural. a. : the seat of the body.

What is the proper name for bum?

The term butt is the most common term in North America except in professional contexts such as medical, legal, and scientific where buttocks is generally used or gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, etc. for the muscles specifically.

What is the F swear word?

The F-word in the dictionary

It is remotely derived from the Latin futuere and Old German ficken/fucken meaning ‘to strike or penetrate’, which had the slang meaning to copulate. Eric Partridge, a famous etymologist, said that the German word was related to the Latin words for pugilist, puncture, and prick.

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Is shut up a cuss word?

The phrase is probably a shortened form of “shut up your mouth” or “shut your mouth up”. Its use is generally considered rude and impolite, and may also be considered a form of profanity by some.

What is the oldest swear word?

The word “fart” has been recorded since the 13th century and comes from the Old English word “feortan,” making it the oldest swear word ever recorded. It has been used as a vulgar slang term for flatulence, and its usage has been recorded in various works of literature and poetry throughout history.

What is a lazy bum?

person who does no work. “a lazy bum” synonyms: do-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer. types: show 25 types…

What is bum flapping?

The term bum flap or butt flap refers in one usage to the rear flap in a union suit, In this usage, it is also sometimes termed as crap flap, evacuation flap, or with some other euphemism.

What does it mean when a girl calls you a bum?

If someone refers to another person as a bum, they think that person is worthless or irresponsible. [informal, disapproval] You’re all a bunch of bums. Synonyms: loafer, lounger, piker [Australian, New Zealand, slang], dodger More Synonyms of bum.

How do you say bum in a nice way?

Synonyms of butt
  1. cheeks.
  2. bum.
  3. tail.
  4. seat.
  5. rump.
  6. buttocks.
  7. backside.
  8. fanny.

What is the British slang for homeless people?

Tramp is derived from a Middle English verb meaning to “walk with heavy footsteps” (cf. modern English trample) and “to go hiking”. In Britain the term was widely used to refer to vagrants in the early Victorian period. The social reporter Henry Mayhew refers to it in his writings of the 1840s and 1850s.

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