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Who is the guy who killed the kids in FNAF?

However, it is confirmed that the killer was the Purple Guy (Real name William Afton) from the Death Minigames and hints in Sister Location and FNAF 6.

Who killed the FNAF children?

William Afton, within what is implied to be the Spring Bonnie suit, had approached the five children – Susie, Fritz, Gabriel, Cassidy, and Michael – and had lured them into a back room. Back there, he had slaughtered all five, before stuffing them into the mascot suits.

Who is the killer in five nights at Freddy’s?

William Afton is the textbook definition of evil. He is the sadistic serial killer who sparked the downfall of his own company, Fazbear Entertainment, murdered almost a dozen children in cold blood, and started the tragic chain of events that leads players throughout the series.

Who was the first child killed in FNAF?

This theory was later confirmed in the "Security Puppet's Minigame" and good ending of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator where the sixth unknown child turned out to be Charlotte, the daughter of William's business partner Henry, making her the very first victim before the incident took place.

Why is William Afton so evil?

There is a reason for this cruelty, Afton is trying to get his hands on Remnant, the superpowered substance that allows spirits to inhabit the animatronics, which he hopes he can use to make himself immortal. As is the case with any good story, Afton's shady ways catch up with him eventually.

Why was Freddy killing the kids?

Freddy tortures animals and engages in self-mutilation, and becomes a serial killer by murdering the children of people who had bullied him when he was a child. Prior to his murder, he is married to a woman named Loretta (Lindsey Fields), whom he eventually also murders.

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Was Chica the first victim?

One of Chica’s lines in Ultimate Custom Night is “I was the first. I have seen everything”. This implies her child was the first to be killed in the Missing Children’s Incident.

Who are the 5 missing children?

William, within what is implied to be the Golden Freddy suit, had approached the five children – Susie, Fritz, Gabriel, Cassidy, and Michael – and had lured them into the back. Back there, he had slaughtered all five, before stuffing them into the suits.

Why did Freddy start killing?

The original film, a child murderer named Freddy Krueger begins killing the teens of Springwood, Ohio in their nightmares with his motives being they are the descendants of the parents who burned him alive when he avoided prison due to a technicality.

Why did Freddy turn evil?

The reason for this behavior is that the animatronic is, in fact, possessed by the vengeful spirit of a child named Gabriel who was murdered at Freddy’s (c.f. History).

Was Freddy a child killer?

In A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy is introduced as a serial child killer from the fictitious town of Springwood, Ohio, who kills his victims with a bladed leather glove he crafted in a boiler room where he used to take his 20 victims.

Which animatronic killed the Crying Child?

The Fredbear animatronic, running through its programmed routine, bites down on Crying Child’s head, causing him to be hospitalized.

Who is William Afton scared of?

It is heavily suggested that William’s greatest fear above all is death. This is shown in one of the Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 minigames, where he cowers in fear while facing the vengeful ghosts of his victims, explaining why he refused to pass on after his death and became Springtrap to begin with.

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Is Springtrap pure evil or broken?

Only the original William Afton from the mainline games qualifies as Pure Evil, while Springtrap and Purpleguy [sic] from FNAF World and the FFS Springtrap animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery don’t, the former two due to their adaptational heroism and the latter due to being nothing more than …

How did William Afton treat his children?

Afton is also neglectful and physically abusive towards his daughter Elizabeth, who later on seemingly only accepted her once she became Baby. Despite this, he still acts abusive towards her. Afton prioritizes his work over his own family.

Did Freddy touch the kids?

In the 2010 remake of the original film, Freddy’s backstory is that he was a groundskeeper at Springfield Badham Preschool who tortured and sexually abused the teenage protagonists of the film when they were children.

How did Freddy turn evil?

Freddy Fazbear: The original incarnation of Freddy who appeared in the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game. He is a brown bear animatronic who is possessed by the ghost of a murdered child named Gabriel, who is also one of the Missing Children.

Who is Chica in love with?

Instead Chica is on Bonnie’s side and it is apparent that Chica has a crush on Bonnie. He proves to be willing to protect her in any circumstance, and even tries to hit Fredbear for smacking Chica.

Does Toy Chica have a crush?

The first crush of Toy Chica is Freddy Fazbear. She describes his top hat, and that she will get him by asking for help with homework. Meanwhile, in her backpack, Foxy’s hook can be seen. The second crush is Twisted Wolf from Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Twisted Ones.

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Who is the longest missing child?

Disappearance of Marjorie West
Marjorie West

What is the biggest missing child case?

Madeleine Beth McCann (born 12 May 2003) is a British missing person who, at the age of 3, disappeared from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Lagos, Portugal, on the evening of 3 May 2007. The Daily Telegraph described her disappearance as “the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history”.

What kid possesses Bonnie?

Games. Bonnie the Bunny (Five Nights at Freddy’s): The original incarnation of Bonnie who appeared in the first Five Nights at Freddy’s game. He is a blue rabbit animatronic who is possessed by the ghost of a murdered child named Jeremy, who is also one of the Missing Children.

Why did Freddy hurt the kids?

Having been burned to death, Freddy somehow returned as a vengeful spirit who killed off the teenage children in their dreams one by one as payback against the parents for killing him and/or as payback against them for reporting his actions to their parents.

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